Hunter Pace Articles 2021 2022 Season
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Tryon Hounds Spring - 04/03/22 April 03, 2022

FRC Hunter Pace - 03/20/22 March 20, 2022

Windridge Spring - 03/06/22 March 06, 2022

Cannon Equine Services - 02/20/22 February 20, 2022

Goodwin Hounds Fall - 11/21/21 November 21, 2021

Windridge Winter - 11/07/21 November 07, 2021

GCH Halloween - 10/30/21 October 30, 2021

Tryon Hounds Fall - 10/17/21 October 17, 2021

Windridge Fall - 09/26/21 September 26, 2021

Scotsgrove Fall - 09/11/21 September 11, 2021

Current Seson Article

Western Carolina Hunter Pace and Trail Ride Series

Final 2020-2021 Series Standings


Reported by Jan Smith


Although 16 events were originally scheduled, weather and other issues took a toll, but there were still 13 competitions in the 2020-21 Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series. Now as we prepare for the Year End Gathering’s trail ride and awards things are feeling almost normal.


The final standings as follows:


Total # Riders:        700


Field Hunters:          265


  • Grand Champions – Britney Clark, Nora Claire Croft, Diane Hicks and Devon Tracy, each with 55 Series points
  • Reserve Champion – Asher Quinn, Carrie Wilsey and Olive Wilsey with 47 points a piece
  • 1st Place – Carol Land with a count of 46 Series points
  • 2nd Place – Sarah Quinn with 41 points
  • 3rd Place – Andrew & Anne Curell with 40 points earned
  • 4th Place – Karolin Eichler with 39 points
  • 5th Place – Natalie Aiello & Amanda Jones with an accumulation of 36 Series points
  • 6th Place – Rebecca Tolson with 33 points earned
  • 7th Place – Marcia Headrick, Shannon Jackson and Linda Plummer with 30 points each
  • 8th Place – Debbie Croft with 29 Series points
  • 9th Place – Shalise Gallaher and Richard Neel with 28 points
  • 10th Place – Lexi Shore has 25 points
  • Emily Mitchell has earned 22 Series points
  • Seamus Sheehan, Andrea Stoll and Jacqueline Wasniewski have each accumulated 21 points
  • Deborah Allen and Natalie Lane have earned 20 points apiece.
  • Mary Livesay has 19 Series points.
  • Carol Bridges, Jennifer Brown and Gabrielle Grubic have accumulated 16 points
  • Miki Razo has 15 Series points
  • Lily Bancroft, Jane Barrett, Stacy Calvert and John Chatterton have earned 14 points
  • Meg Allen and Halley Gardner have each earned 13 points this Series
  • Barb DiPalma and Patt Tarr have 12 points apiece
  • Mary Grace Garbarino, Niav Lorenzo and Caleigh Reichardt have accumulated 11 points
  • Adam Brown, Stephanie Easler, Alayna Hines, Cecilia Libby, Bev Phillips, Elise Rogers, Elizabeth Stahnke, Audrey Vaca and Jillian Woolridge have ten Series points
  • Mary Cullen, Taylor Dinger, Ann Fratcher, Amy Gantt, Haley and Jamie Garis, Tenahireve Harkal, Allison Jewell, Alivia Livesay, Taylor Quick and Elise Rogers(2nd Ride) each have a count of nine points
  • Mark Farino, Katie Galeazzi, Christina Goen, Justin Hull, Emma Love, Maddie Rogers, Susan Russell, Stephanie Wanicka and Morgan Willard have earned eight Series points
  • Holly Bacola, Alexis Grisham, Julianne Kosel, Carol-Ann Maroy and Paul Sloan have an accumulation of seven points each
  • Jessica Boskovich, Ryleigh Elizabeth Budde, Angela Cairnes, Anita Crouse, Makenzie Crowder, Anna Dalton, Ava Giardono, Hollanne Haldemen, Kaitlyn Hermans, Sara Isely, Maria Oglesby, Jessica and Louise Palmer, Julis Schmidt, Jill and Mary Rose Schwarzkopf, Jenny Taylor, Toni VonRuden, and Austin Watson have each earned six points
  • Jane Herman, Katie Hixson, Terry Russell, Jana Sloan, and Isabelle Smith each have five points earned
  • Michael and Roberta Axelrod, Baiba Bourbeau, Lisa Broyles, Pavina Byma, Alex Cairnes, Alexia and Mary Coker, Kate Coldren, Kat Dooley, Carla Fullam, Rhonda Gallaher, Alex Going, Tot Goodwin, Lacey Hannu, Alex Hazlett, Alex Huley, Summer Irons, Anna Dunn Joyce, Kaitlyn Kubiak Beatrice Lamb, Elyssa LaRock, Anna LaVigne, Lizzie Lengling, Jennifer Martell, Dawn Melton, Bill Mitchell, Claire Moore, Gisele O’Grady, Harry Palmer, Anne Pierce, Angela Reichardt, Alison Saari, and Samantha Vaughn have an accumulation of four Series points apiece
  • Nicola Deines, Karen Graham, David Raley, Martha & Peter Shanahan, and Jessica Stevens have three points each
  • Two Completion points were earned by: Savannah Adkins, Karol Aschaffenburg, Angela Averitt, Lindsey Bailey, Stephanie Baker, Lisa Baugh, Mary Benson, Caroline Bridges, Carrie Britt, Tamara Bruning, Stephanie Bryant, Pam Burrows, Carolyn & Tom Cadler, Samantha Cason, Melissa Champion, Erin & Lydia Cox, Chrystal Crispin, Andy Croft, Andy & Anne Curell(2nd Ride), Abigail DeVries, Lindsay Dolan, Rebecca Drumgool, Ellie Cumler, Cindy Easler, Katie Edwards, Melanie Enos, Beth Fiszer, Daisy Fouts, Charlotte Freeman, David Gallaher, Shalise Gallaher(2nd Ride), Rachel Garcia Trout, Jenny Gardner, Hailey & Jamie Garris, Anna Ginn, Molly Goldberg, Joy & Kay Griffin, Jesse Grisham, Emma & Jenny Gryder, Brynja Gunnarsdottir, Denni Hall, Beth Hardee, Dawn Harrison, Allyson Hartenburg, Nicole Hatfield, Marilyn Hazlett, Susan Justus Hill, Jessica Hollifield, Lucy Hooper, Jennifer Israel, Megan Kinsela James, Janet Hohnson, Meghan Kaergel, Helen Kaiser, Melissa Kenny, James King, Lydia Kolbas, Shannon Lafferty, Danielle Lamb, Katherine Lane, Sydney Langley, Leslie Lattanzio, Isabelle Leet, Harriett P Lewis, Bonnie Lingerfelt, Olivia Lohec, Kylie Lowe, Lilian Lowenfield-Jayne, Sophia Martin, Shanna Mauldin, Beth McGregor, Julie McMahon, Karen McManawag, Gena Meredith, Cynthia Milligan, Holly & Reed Mitchell, Catherine Mooneyham, Victoria Naumann, Alexis Patinos, Maddie Peccora, Harold Pfeiffer, Tosha Ann Pizzola, Paige Presnell, Samantha Rabideau, Kelly Rappuchi, Leigh Raymer, Maggie Rink, Janna Ritacco, Jamie Robertson, Krista Rose, Samantha Roubaud, Deb Schmitz, Ashley Schofield, Seamus Sheehan(2nd Ride), Daniel Short, Sophie Siddith, Rachel Small, Laurie Smith, Alan Taylor, Katherine Menke Taylor, Lily Taylor, Allison Thompson, Maria Thompson, Susan Tramell, Sutton Turner, Emily VanDeMerve, Savannah Wade, Riin Watts, Momo Weatherby, Fontana Westall, Brittany Whitmire, Andrea Wiggins, Patricia Woods, Amma Yamada, and Kathy Yaw.



Trail Riders:       435


  • Champion – Karen Merrill and Teresa Snyder with 70 Series points earned
  • Reserve Champion – Susan Angermeier and Debbie Fowler with 59 points each
  • 1st Place – Nancy Erny, Carolyne Groves and Ronnie Mann with a count of 45 points
  • 2nd Place – Missy Bright and Mary Macy with 41 points apiece
  • 3rd Place – Deb Zarish with 40 Series points
  • 4th Place – Tamara Bruning and Kathy Nebel with 38 points
  • 5th Place – Bob Bruning with 37 points
  • 6th Place – Boots Plyler and Peggie Sullenberger with 35 points apiece
  • 7th Place – Renee Wade with 27 Series points
  • 8th Place – Hazel and Olive Wade with 26 Series points each
  • 9th Place – Dawn Harrison with 23 points
  • 10th Place – Tracie Parker with 22 Series points earned
  • Donna Hajek and Jess Wright have each earned 19 points
  • Carter Wade, Jennifer & Olivia Wilson have each earned 18 points
  • Kristen Kuyhns, Meaghan Morris and Keith Wade have earned 17 Series points apiece
  • Sarah Plyler has earned 15 Series points
  • Kat Dooley, Lisa Kotalik and Danielle Lamb have 14 points each
  • Kelly Cannon, JOrja Clark, Melissa Dalton, Nickey Guffey, Arlene Lulavage and Paula Moore have 13 Series points apiece
  • Kaylee Campagna, Mary Coker, Connie Moore, Jennifer A Smith, Paige Stout, Kelly Walker, and Sherry Wyatt have each earned 12 points
  • Jeanne Ahrenholz, Alexia Coker, Linda Farris, Betsy McCray, Margaret Miller, Kay Mott, and Charlotte Nohr have 11 Series points
  • Lisa Clements, Lynn Fitch, Laura Hendley, C.R. & Carol Stanley and Madison Stout have ten points
  • Meredith Benfield, Thann Boyum, Kathe Burklow, Pam Burrows, Elaine & Michaela Hughes, Elizabeth Massey, Maggie Rink, Leslie Scott, Katherine Smith and Karen Walker have each earned nine points
  • Gabrielle Beam, Tara Boyce, Morgan Brink, Mariana Burrell, Kelsey Carithers, Missy Cashman, Debbie Craycraft, Steph Culbertson, Janet Cummings, Rachel Fischer, Ann Fratcher, Mackenzie Gunn, Claire Moore, Janna Ritacco, Laura Selling, Madison Smallwood, Natasha Steffen, Katie Tighe, Marcy Vance, Joanna Wallace, and Jennifer Weaver have eight points earned this Series
  • Savannah Adkins, Beth Clevenger, Lillian Lowenfield-Jayne, Kirsten & Tom Stanley have earned seven points each
  • Nancy Anderson, Kathy Bethka, Vivian Bruce, Samantha Butterworth, Wrylan Chaput, Kimberly Ewing, Callie Fagg, Cindy Hansult, Jill Kelsey, Elyssa LaRock, Gayla Little, Ruthie Lovelace, Sharon Clark Maxwell, Debbie McGrath, Julia Nicopoulos, Rachel O’Brien, Piper O’Connell, Anna Grace Parris, Feliks Ptak, Jennifer Scott, Kathy Scully, Jennifer R Smith, Olynda Stretcher, Melissa VanDoren, Emily Wojcik, and Patricia Woods have earned six Series points apiece
  • Five points have been earned by Gary Biggerstaff, Emma Bridges, Tamara Bruning(2nd Ride), Ryleigh Elizabeth Budde, Ekaterina DelGado, Daisy Fouts, Karen Graham, Carltyn Hughes, Helen Kalser, Lori Kunkel, Gena Meredith, Gabrielle Miller, Debi Morris, Rachel Neese, Izzy Rini, Terry Russell, Jeanne Steele, and Sarah Tweed
  • Kristin Ahlum, David Ahrenholz, Mary Allen, Katelyn Anderson, Libby Arnold, Irene Backer, Sandra Bailey, Mary Benson, Kristen Brown, Stephanie Bryant, Janet Burzlaff, Virginia Chibbaro, Samantha Collins, Katelynn Cooper, Darek & Elaine Czarnecki, Olivia Daeker, Anna Dalton, Stephanie Easler, Joleen & Thomas Eizembor, Karla & Maddie Fernandez, Carla Fullam, Anna Ginn, Oska Gobin, Dennie Hall, Susan Justus Hill, Calisa Hughes, Brandy Johnston, Debra Kennerly, Erin Kinsey, Mackenzie Kothe, Kaitlyn Kubiak, Christine Lafrance, Megan Lapkoff, Leslie Lattanzio, Sue Lomenzo, Bette Mann, Cynthia McDonald, Anne McIver, Sandra McNair, Lauren McRae, Kristine Means, Ali Merritt, Cynthia Milligan, Amy Mims, Crystal Montoya, Marianne Moore, Jon Napper, Tosha Ann Pizzola, Erica Revelle, Alison Saari, Phil Sinclair, Raegan Slonecker, Suzanne Stettler, Ivey Sumrell, Lenore & Leslie Threlkeld, Sheila West, Emma Whitaker, and Mazine Winesett have earned four points apiece
  • Emily Barton, Anna Daniel, Kathy Davis, Cese Figueroa, Debbie Franklin, Shelby Frazier, Elaine Hobbs, Megan Jornigan, Sarah Leshane, Meredith Neer, Camille & Kerrie Pennington, Mary Jane Rice, Deb Schmitz, Debbie Stevens, Allison Stuck, and Tommi Young each have acumulated three Series points
  • Two Series points each have been earned by: Resa Ackin, Valerie Addis, Jeremy Ahlum, Chloe Alkenhead, Kinsley Allaire, Deborah Allen, Karol Aschaffenburg, Casidle Auton, Aria Baddorf, Virginia Baker, Paula Ball, Karen Benson, Baiba Bourbeau, Wendy Bradshaw, Carrie britt, Debra Buchanan, Sonia & Tim Burke, Michaela Burkhardt, Tecia Buttons, Stacy Calvert, Chris Cannon, Holly Charbonneau, Rachel Childers, Robin Clay, Kayden Cobb, Cathleen Coggins, Jeremiah Concepcion, Ashlyn Cook, Amy Cooke, Susannah Cord, Peyton & Ryan Daeker, Megan David, Kristen Davidson, Kaitlin Davis, Lauren Davis, Mihran D’Dgerogki, Jeanine Devany, Becky Deyton, Elizabeth Dicey, Cindy Dotson, Olivia & Peyton Ducker, Mary Dukes, Mandy Dumas, Erin Earl, Cindy Easler, Terra Easterlin, Marion Edel, Katheryn Eilders, Beth Elder-Massey, Cora & Ella Elliot,  Victoria Elson, Wayne Farris, Kelley Featheringill, Beth Fisher, Brina Flanagan, Julie Frederick, Danielle Galli, Jenny Gardner, Sara Gibbens, Aaron Goetz, Charles Gould, Elizabeth Greene, Kaitlin Greer, Nichole Grier, Kennedy Griffith, Kelly Grisham Amy Jo & Ashly Guinn, Tammy Hannah, Kimberly Hannu, Jane Herman, Marsha Hewitt, Elizabeth Hipp, Katie Hixson, Parker Hixson, Jessica Hollifield, Lucy Hooper, Barbara Horn, Peggy Horton, Joy Hudson, Kensley Hurry, Sandra Hyder, Chloe Jackson, Lynwood Jackson III, Rebekah James, Kristina Jay, Hudson Jones, Julee Kaplan, Susan Kessel, Nancy Klouda, Deb Kornacki, Shannon Lafferty, Beatrice Lamb, Annabelle Larsen, Cassie & Cole Larsen, Janet Leatherwood, Lizzie Lengling, Harriett P Lewis, Bonnie Lingerfelt, Shanette Logan, Olivia Loheac, Abby Lyle, Abigail Malmin, Kalya Mann, Carol-Ann Maroy, Sophia Martin, Shanna Mauldin, Kitty McClellon, Kelly McComas, Amanda McDonald, Karen McManaway, Ashley McNeely, Andy Miles, Sydney Miles, Emily Millsaps, Mark Moore, Mary Ann Morelli, Cassie Mueller, Jan Mullis, Towles Napper, Faye NeSmith, Suzy Nixon, Whitney O’Brian, Gisele O’Grady, Becky O’Neill, Jennarose Ortmeyer, Makenna Parker, Darcie Phillips, Kaileigh Porter, Sheila Poteat, Richard Putnam, Anna Rakovskaya, Monique Ravesloot, Harley Reeves, Allison Rhyne, Antje Richter, Denise Ritacco, Jim Roberts, Ken Robertson, Sara Roth, Anna Rush, Emily Salisbury, Annabel Schuler, Susan Sentell, Martha & Peter Shanahan, Leslie Shealy, Janet Sheldon, Chris Simonetti, Jana Sloan, Barbara Smith, Harriette Smith, Jan Smith, Laurie Smith, Clara Sprinkle, Chuck Stark, Maria Steinberg, Maggie Suders, Laura Summer, Patt Tarr, Angela & Josie Thompson, Wanda Thompson, Jennifer Trilli, Lisa Trojan, Laura Vanderwolk, Toni VonRuden, Avery Walsh, Molly Watson, Margaux Weinstock, Dan & Kay Wellbaum, and Rosaleah Wilson
  • One attendance point apiece has been earned by Brooklyn Becker, Ashlan & Nathanael Benjamson, Gail Benner, Pavlina Byma, Kate Coldren, Lauren Haddre deWet, Terra Eaterlin, Missy Frisch, Cheryl Grigsby, Nancy Hasselbring, Angela Hayton, Jessica Jackson, Holly Jewell, Allison & Lachlan Jones, Kate Kellman, Rebekah Kenowski, Agniete Kiznis, Agmete Kizwite, Jane Linberg, Stacey Lindsay, Emily & Olivia Lunnen, Mary Macy(2nd Ride), Sandra McConnell, Khloe Miller, Carol Neely, Nora Pennington, Anna Raskovoya, Amanda Smith, Nancy Spriell, Yasmin Straitiff, Sherry Traynhan, Claire White, Braelyn Williamson, Lucy Womick, and Madison Yates


         The Competitions are done for the season, but next up is the Western Carolina Hunter Pace Series Nineteenth Annual Year End Gathering and Awards Ceremony at the beautiful Windridge Farm, scheduled for June 20th, 2021. Their rain date is June 27th, 2021. Come, ride, eat, see who won the trophies and awards this season and receive your 2021/22 WCHPace Series Wild Card to use anytime during the upcoming season for a completion credit when you cannot attend a ride. After Year End, the Series will be on summer break, but we will be setting up the new schedule and look forward to starting back up at the very end of August.  So keep safe and cool over the summer, but be sure to check the schedule and come play with us next fall!!

Remember to always check the website for all upcoming events, news, articles, photos, placements and contact information.

Thanks to our official photographer, Lou Smith, for being at most of the competitions to capture the riders and their mounts as they fly over jumps, canter through the fields, and enjoy the beautiful area trails.  Hit “Store” on the website to view the pictures.  If you like, you can place an order online.

          For information on the Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series e-mail Series Coordinator, Jan Smith thru this website.