Hunter Pace Articles 2019 -2020 Season
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Windridge Spring - 03/08/20 March 08, 2020

Cannon Eq - 02/23/20 February 23, 2020

Windridge Winter - 12/08/19 December 08, 2019

Goodwin Hounds - 11/24/19 November 24, 2019

FENCE Fall - 11/10/19 November 10, 2019

GCH Halloween - 10/27/19 October 27, 2019

Windridge Fall - 09/29/19 September 29, 2019

Middle Tyger Ruritans - 09/14/19 September 14, 2019

Current Season Article

Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series


Final Series Standings at June 5th, 2019​

Reported by: Jan Smith



Although we lost several events to the weather, it was still a great year for the Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series with ten wonderful rides across many miles of the incomparable area trails.

After ten events for the 2018-19 Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series, (which had originally listed seventeen events) there are several ties as we wrap up the results leaving the final standings as follows:


Total # Riders:        443


Field Hunters:         178 


  • Debbie Croft has accumulated a grand total of 55 points to capture the Grand Championship!
  • Rebecca Tolson slid into the Reserve Championship with 47 points.
  • Diane Hicks was not far behind with a tally of 44 Series points for the Series First Place.
  • Marcia Headrick and Richard Neel moved ahead with that last event blue to capture Second Place honors for the 2018-19 Series with a total of 34 points.
  • Linda Plummer has earned 30 points this Series for Third Place.
  • Karolin Eichler and Beth Fiszer are tied with 29 points for Fourth Place.
  • Nicola Deines has earned 28 points for Fifth Place.
  • Jessica Ames, Christina Goen, Amanda Aiello Jones and Emily Mitchell have each earned a total of 26 Series points for a tie in Sixth.
  • Shannon Jackson has 24 points to her in Seventh Place.
  • Nora Claire Croft has earned 23 Series points for Eighth Place.
  • Gabrielle Grubic and Samantha Vaughn are in Ninth Place with 20 Series points each.
  • Jane Barrett and John Chatterton have accumulated 18 points for Tenth.
  • Birdie & Michael Axelrod and Jacqueline Wasniewski have each earned 17 points.
  • Amy Christensen and Tim Giles have earned 15 points this season.
  • Elise Rogers has 14 Series points.
  • Stacy Calvert, Ryla Hall & Carol Land have each earned 13 Series points.
  • Maria Oglesby has accumulated 12 points this Series.
  • Taylor Blackwell, Erin O’Dwyer and Shelby Rosburgh, finish the season with 11 points.
  • Katie Martin, Jennifer Pagano and Stephanie Wanicka are tied with ten points each.
  • Carolyn & Tom Cadier, Thomas Eizember, Jane Larson, Ashley Oliver, Charlie Runion, Carolyn Seaton, and Hyland Sheffron each have nine points earned.
  • Martha Hall, Susan Haslam, Megan Jornigan, Maddie Rogers, Emma Skelton, Nathalie Weenaels and Beau Willard have each earned eight Series points.
  • Baiba Bourbeau, Lucy Hopper, Beatrice Lamb and Claire Moore have seven points apiece.
  • Tamara Bruning, Anna Dalton, Sara Jackson, Kaitlyn Kubiak, Bonnie Lingerfelt, Gena Meredith, Catherine Mooneyham, Jules Porter, Peter Shanahan, Madison Stout, Faith Wanicka, Aileen Wawrzaszek, and Jillian Woolridge have each accumulated six Series points.
  • Dorothy Bayer, Beth Kelley, David Raley and Taylor Reed have earned five points apiece.
  • Jacklyn Bonner, Candice Carr, Anna Davis, Stephanie Easler, Caprice Fullam, Sara Gibbens, D.J. Jefferis, Abbye Kluge, Dean McKinney, Nelson Minnick, Holly Mitchell, Alex Mottershead, Carrie Nicholson, Emma Otten, Neil Parnes, Seamus Sheehan, Vickie Smith, Kirsten & Tom Stanley, Paige Stout, and Jenny Taylor have earned four Series points apiece.
  • Two points were earned this Series by: Kinsley Allaire, Auburn Bailey, Brandon Blankenship, Jack Boardman, Summer Bruce, Samantha Cason, Melissa Champion, Lydia Cox, Clara & Ella Craver, Chris Crispens, Anita Crouse, Ella & Kathy Davis, Nicola Deines(Wings Ride), Mary Farnell, Katie Fearington, Jonte Fischer, Jane Gallagher, Shalise Gallaher, Amy Gantt, Mary Grace Garbarino, Jenny Gardner, Haley & Jamie Garis, Alex Goirs, Lauren Greco, Joy Griffin, Susan Haldeman, Clara Hale, Christine Halford, Erin & Savannah Hall, Lacey Hannu, Desiree Hill, Kathy Hodge, Nina Hopper, Maddy Keesee, Ella & Sara Kepple, Arleen Kinard, Megan Kinsela, Anna LaVigne, Lizzie Lengling, Jenna Marshman, Tessa McAlister, Megan McCoy, Amanda McDonald, Anne McIver, Cynthia Milligan, Valerie Milum, Bill Mitchell, Paula Moore, Claire Moore(Wings Ride), Shauna Moore, Towles Napper, Erinn Otten, Lyn & Ted Owen, Amy Palmer, Jennifer Perkins, Susan Russell, Allison Saari, Julia Schmidt, Tim Shaw, Daniel Short, Rachael Small, Paulette Stevens, Andrea Stoll, Phil Stout, Erin Stroud, Mandy Su, Virginia Sullivan, Patt Tarr, Jessica Thomas, Gail Thompson, Mara Tihic, Michelle Townsend, Alanna Updegraff, Faith Wanicka(2nd Ride), Allen Wawrzaszek, Lily Wright, and Leigh Younce.
  • One attendance point was earned by Kay Mott.

Trail Riders:       265


  • Carrie & Olive Wilsey are our 2018-19 Series Champions with 43 Series points earned.
  • Jennifer Wilson placed at our last event to secure the Reserve Championship with an accumulation of 35 Series points.
  • Kelly Cannon earned First Place honor with 32 points earned.
  • Missy Bright and Carol Callahan tied for Second Place with 31 Series points each.
  • Boots Plyler finished the season in Third Place with 28 points.
  • Jennifer Smith is Fourth with 24 Series points.
  • We fittingly end with a five-way tie in Fifth Place with Lynn Fitch, Dawn Harrison, Laura Hendley, Debbie Knebel, and Leslie Shealy each having earned a count of 21 points.
  • Susannah Sitton, and Diane Wilson are in Sixth with 20 Series Points.
  • Karen Merrill, Teresa Snyder, and Emily Wojcik are tied for Seventh Place with 18 points.
  • Ronnie Mann and Richard Putnam are tied for Eighth with 17 points.
  • Janet Burzlaff and Olynda Stretcher are close behind and tied in Ninth with 16 points earned.
  • Elizabeth Lister and Lacy Westle have 15 points to put them in Tenth Place.
  • Kathy Bucks, Lauren McRae, Leslie Threlkeld and Emily Wilson are just out of the placements with 14 points apiece.
  • Jeanne Ahrenholz, Nancy Anderson, Kathe Burklow, Ivey Sumrell, and Lenore Threlkeld have earned 12 points each this Series.
  • Tamara Bruning, Anna Dalton, Benay Daniel, Emily Holden, Cindy James, Nancy Klonda, Madison Stout, Bobby Turner, and Kailey Wortman have earned 11 points apiece.
  • David Ahrenholz, Demetrio Alvarez, Carla Fullam, Patricia Iacomini, Anna LaVigne, Jamie Roof, Yasmin Straitiff, and Patt Tarr have ten points each.
  • Caren Crane and Cheryl Thorp have earned nine Series points.
  • Sara Borkosky, Chris Cannon, Carolyne Groves, Kimberly Hannu, Bette Sumrell Mann, Kathleen Nebel, K.C. Scott, Ella Grace Skipper, Annette Spencer, Stacie Wadsworth, Maegan Watson, and Emily Zuo have earned eight points apiece.
  • Hannah Horton, Lori James, Amy Mims, Amy Palmer, Raina Rushing, and Sheila West each have accumulated seven points during the 2018-18 Series.
  • Tara Boyce, Valaria DeVine, Elizabeth Dicey, Judy England, Lili Henderson, Peggy Horton, Heather Sarver, and Callie Sharon have six points each.
  • Julie Frederick, Brandy Johnston, Paula Moore, Suzanne Stettler, Natalie Hyatt Swenson, Olivia Wilson, and Jess Wright have each earned five Series points.
  • Pam Burrows, Katelynn Cooper, Jill Davis, Thomas Eizember, Jana Hinely, Christine Holm, Joy Hudson, Calisa Hughes, Lisa Kotallik, Janet Leatherwood, Reed & Roanne McNutt, Claire Moore, Tracie Parker, Kaleigh Pickron, Kaleigh Porter, Madison Shamis, Paul Sloan, Jennifer R Smith, Pamela Temby, Emma Whitaker, Braelyn Williamson and Sherry Wyatt have earned four points apiece.
  • Norah Daniel, Gail Ford, Taylor Hyte, Haileigh Pruitt, and Cindy Wilson have each earned three points this Series.
  • Two Series points have been earned by: Shady Agnew, Jeremy & Kristin Ahlum, Katheryn Alders, Teresa Altman, Susan Angermeier, Aria Baddorf, Becky Baucum, Vicki Beilharz, Lisa Belsita Bethany Bennett, Karen Benson, Taylor Blackwell, Jacklyn Bonner, Cristina Boston, Alexis Botchie, Anna Bowling, John Boyle, Carrie Britt, Karen Brockway, Alaina & M.C. Brooks, Kristen Brown, Darleen Bullock, Reagan Burrell, Stacy Calvert, Candice Carr, Katie Caughfield, Tevis Cazedessus, Jerrica Clark, Dawn Clhrergen, Cindy Clifton, April Crawford, Pernilla Dale, Sam Dawkins, Claire Donovan, Emma Drauszewski, Jennifer Evans, Crystal Fogleman, Ann Fratcher, Rachel Garcia, Jenna Gillespie, Deana Gilliam, Kayla Gonzalez, Heidi Greene, Carrie Griffen, Heather Gross, Susan Haldeman, Lacey Hannu, Susan Haslam, Jamie Hempen, Andrew & Sydney Henson, Sally Herring, Desiree Hill, Yana Hills, Jeff & Samantha Hines, Melinda Holland, Amelia Hrebenar, Carltyn Hughes, natalie Hyatt, Nikki Hynes, Jen & Kate Keilman, Jill Kelly, Michelle Klopp, Kaitlyn Kubiak, Elyssa LaRock, Sarah Lawing, Christy Ledbetter, Tara Louiselle, Arlene Lulavage, Anna Mallen, Zoe Marshall, Abby Mason, Michelle & Nicole Mayakis, Cassie McCurry, Bridget & Dorothea Mercer, Mallie Merck, Brandy Miller, Cynthia Milligan, Connie Moore, Marianne Moore, Meaghan Morris, Kay Mott, Dot Moyer, Jessica Nelson, Sarah Plyler, Jessica Porsnia, Allison Rhyne, Ashley & Shaeleh Rice, Izzy Rini, Alison Saari, Wendy Schonfeld, Stephanie Schulte, Jan Smith, Shelia Smith, Abigail Sommerville, Carol, Kirsten & Tom Stanley, Alama & Ariel Steele, Paige Stout, Clare Summers, Emily Thomas, Josie Thompson, Michelle Townsend, Lisa Trojan, Madonna Turner, Connie Washburn, Jenna Wilson, Julie & Roy Winchester, Tori Wofford, and Autumn Wooten.
  • One attendance point apiece has been earned by Michelle Abel, Katelyn Anderson, Paula Baran, Jane Barrett, Grace Buchena, Laurin Buckner, John Chatterton, Bob & Terri Davenport, Kat Dooley, Michelle Drum, Isis French, Tot Goodwin, Kay Griffin, Savannah Hall, Cindy Hansult, Dana Kind, Lori Kunkel, Nancy Lucas, Hope Malkan, Leslie Martin, Abby Masa, Sharon Maxwell, Carole Milne, Anne & Richard Pierce, Susan Sloan, Millie Turk, Elizabeth Winegar, and Tommi Young.


         We hope you’ll join us for the Year End Gathering and Awards at Windridge Farm in Mooresboro on Sunday, June 23rd where we’ve some lovely trail options planned, to be followed by a delicious lunch and the annual awards presentations.  Come see the Series goodies and who’s getting them this year.

         Remember to check the website at for all upcoming events, news, articles, photos, placements and contact information.

         Thank you to our photographer, Lou Smith, for being at every event to capture the riders and their mounts as they fly over jumps, canter through the fields and enjoy the beautiful area trails.  Hit “Photo Store” on the website to view the pictures.  If you like, you can place an order online, or just enjoy them.