Hunter Pace Articles 2022 - 2023 Season
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Windriidge Winter - 12/04/22 December 04, 2022

Goodwin Hounds Fall - 11/20/22 November 20, 2022

GCH Halloween - 10/29/22 October 29, 2022

Tryon Hounds Fall - 10/09/22 October 09, 2022

Windridge Fall - 09/25/22 September 25, 2022

Scotsgrove Fall - 09/17/22 September 17, 2022

Last Season Final Standings Article

Western Carolina Hunter Pace and Trail Ride Series

Final 2021-2022 Series Standings


Reported by Jan Smith


Although 15 competitive events were originally scheduled, weather and other issues took a toll, but there were still 13 competitions in the 2021-22 Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series. Now as we prepare for the Year End Awards and Gathering and it’s trail ride things are feeling almost normal.


The final standings as follows:


Field Hunters:          


  • Grand Champions – Carol Land with 63 Series points
  • Reserve Champion – Linda Plummer with 55 points
  • 1st Place – Matthew Savage with a count of 51 Series points
  • 2nd Place – Shannon Jackson with 50 points
  • 3rd Place – Asher Quinn with 47 points earned
  • 4th Place – Lexi Shore with 45 points
  • 5th Place – Nithvi Mallipeddi with an accumulation of 37 Series points
  • 6th Place – Julianne Kosel with 34 points earned
  • 7th Place – Kathy Bethka, Steph Culbertson and Sarah Yezierski with 30 points each
  • 8th Place – Andrew & Anne Curell, Amanda Jones, Carrie & Olive Wilsey each with 28 Series points
  • 9th Place – Debbie Croft and Emily Mitchell with 26 points apiece
  • 10th Place – Emily Sentell has 25 points
  • Beth Fiszer has earned 22 Series points
  • Niav Lorenzo has accumulated 21 points
  • Nora Claire Croft has earned 20 points
  • Barb DiPalma and Maria Oglesby have each earned 19 Series points
  • Shalise Gallaher, Rachel Neese and Jacqueline Wasniewski have each accumulated 16 points



Trail Riders:       


  • Champion – Kathleen Nebel with 55 Series points earned
  • Reserve Champion – Shelby Frazier with 52 points
  • 1st Place – Missy Bright and Tamara Bruning with a count of 50 points
  • 2nd Place – Ronnie Mann with 44 Series points
  • 3rd Place – Meredith Keen and Susan Kessel with 41 points apiece
  • 4th Place – Peggie Sullenberger with 40 points
  • 5th Place – Susan Angermeier and Deb Zarish with 39 points each
  • 6th Place – Jennifer & Olivia Wilson with 36 points apiece
  • 7th Place – Bob Bruning with 35 Series points
  • 8th Place – Hazel, Keith, Olive & Renee Wade with 32 Series points each
  • 9th Place – Dawn Harrison with 31 points
  • 10th Place – Paige Stout and Carter Wade with 25 Series points earned
  • Boots Plyler has earned 24 points this Series
  • Debbie Fowler has 23 points accumulated
  • Emma Bridges has 22 points
  • Hayley Johnson Toney earned 21 points
  • Tracie Parker has 20 Series points
  • Ann Fratcher has earned 19 points
  • Nancy Mason and Megan Ryan-Kessel have each earned 18 points
  • Marcy Vance has earned 17 Series points
  • Stefanie Bates and Cynthia Milligan have each earned 15 Series points


         The Competitions are done for the season as well as the Western Carolina Hunter Pace Series Twentieth Annual Year End Awards Gathering at the ever popular FENCE, held on June 26th. Their rain date is June 27th, 2021. The Series is now on summer break, but we will be setting up the new schedule and look forward to starting back up in September.  So keep safe and cool over the summer, but be sure to check the schedule and come play with us next fall!!

Remember to always check the website for all upcoming events, news, articles, photos, placements and contact information.

Thanks to our official photographer, Lou Smith, for being at most of the competitions to capture the riders and their mounts as they fly over jumps, canter through the fields, and enjoy the beautiful area trails.  Hit “Store” on the website to view the pictures.  If you like, you can place an order online.

          For information on the Western Carolina Hunter Pace & Trail Ride Series e-mail Series Coordinator, Jan Smith thru this website.